Monday, November 17, 2008

How to make a perfect Mojito~MIXMERIZED style!

Folks, the Dec 01 contest is still open so keep sending those entries!

Now on to the next topic, Cuba's national drink the Mojito!!!! Lately, I've been getting some requests from friends to mix them a Mojito. For the uninitiated, a Mojito is a rum based, fruity, and sweet concoction which is believed to have its roots from Cuba. (Feel free to correct me if I got it wrong) It is a refreshing drink with little or no hint of the alcohol at all. This is made so by the lime and mint leaves that is in the drink. I will share to all of you how to make a Mojito but I'm going to go over the edge and reintroduce our version of the Mojito~MIXMERIZED style.


1.0 oz Club Soda or Sprite
1.0 Lime wedge
1.0 sprig Mint
1.5 oz. Light Rum
1.0 oz Sugar water (equal parts of water and sugar, heated, cooled)
0.5 honey
1.0 salt


1. Put sugar water in rock glass.
2.Throw in the mint leaves, and squeeze the juice from the lime and mint. Using a muddler/pestle or wooden spoon, muddle these ingredients until the resulting syrupy mixture is a pale green color.
3. Pour in rum, then fill glass with ice.
4. Top off with club soda or sprite.

The first 4 steps is how a traditional Mojito is made. Our version includes adding in a touch of honey and rimming the glass with a little salt. Try it and enjoy!!!

here's another variation of the Mojito by

Thursday, November 13, 2008

YOU call the SHOTS...literally!

Yes my dear friends, Here at MIXMERIZED MOBAR, you really do call the SHOTS. So we'd like to do a little raffle contest, people. I'm putting it out there to ask everyone what types of drinks they would like to have on their parties! Sure we have over 24 cocktails and 20 shooters to choose from..but we want to know what YOU want in a drink. Its so easy. Here's how:

Send us an email containing the following:

1. Color you want us to incorporate (red, green, blue, orange,etc..)
2. Base alcohol of the drink (gin, tequila, vodka, rum, beer)
3. Flavor you want for the drink (sweet, extra sweet, hint of salt, lemony, etc..)
4. How the drink should be served (in a tall glass, a martini glass, or a shot glass)
5. Your complete name, email address, contact number and a picture of you in jpeg file.

and finally...

Send all your entries to on or before Dec 01 2008. Raffle draw is on Dec 02 2008 and the sole winner of the contest gets to receive a beautiful cocktail shaker
and a cocktail glass compliments of MIXMERIZED MOBAR plus his/her personalized drink gets to be featured in our bar menu and be named after the winner. You can send as many entries as you want. :) Announcements will be made through our multiply page at so keep visiting us for updates. Hurry!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're Now Open for Boozeness!!!

After a few hearty discussions and 10 vodka shots later, we're finally open for "boozeness"! MIXMERIZED MOBAR is now ready to serve you! My name is Micmac and this is our blog dedicated to anything and everything about MIXMERIZED MOBAR, our latest events, cool packages, and of course, pictures of friends we make along the way and put it in a special album that we'd like to call the MUG SHOTS album. :)

Before anything else, let me introduce to you the rest of the crew:

Smashing Dexter with his lovely fiancee' Carie

DEXTER- Dexter Bautista is an Events & Promo Manager for SPANK! and is a marketing genius when in comes to events organizing and promotions. I have worked closely with Dexter previously during our stay with Incoho Inc. and have organized our company's different team building activities and Halloween balls. As one of the owners of MIXMERIZED MOBAR, he brings to the table a host of ideas and strategies to reach our captive audiences and refines and redefines quality service in order to meet our clients' every request.

John with his lovely R6 and his bike's twin brother's master, Fidel of ClubR

JOHN- John Fabian Certeza is a graduate of the culinary arts and an entrepreneur having been able to co-own a bar not so long ago. Met John during the golden days of airsoft and has been a constant friend and ride buddy. John and I would ride our sportsbikes close to their limits on the great outdoors just to have a steaming bowl of Bulalo in Tagaytay or a sizzling plate of sisig in Pampanga and be back home in time for lunch. As co-owner of MIXMERIZED MOBAR, John has an eye for detail, creativity, and strives for perfection in his craft. He mixes side by side with me behind the bar counter.

Me with my B, Candy

MICMAC- Yours truly, Michael Peter Macalua.. my nickname's longer version. There's not much to tell about me except that I've worn several hats from events organizing to marketing and bartending. Having a business of my own is a breath of fresh air for me as I have been working the employee gig for quite sometime now and I think it's time for me to play the role of an entrepreneur, co-owner, and general manager of MIXMERIZED MOBAR using my experiences and the lessons I have learned from working mondays to fridays as an employee. I will meet all of you soon from behind the bar counter as I mix you your favorite drinks :)

We'd like to raise a toast and thank all the people in our lives who have supported us in this endeavor. For without you, a shot of tequila or a glass of martini won't be as good. So here's to all of you...


"Where YOU call the SHOTS!!!"

For inquiries, packages, and quote requests:

Please contact us at 0922-864-2633/0916-605-3156 or email us at or visit us at