Monday, November 17, 2008

How to make a perfect Mojito~MIXMERIZED style!

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Now on to the next topic, Cuba's national drink the Mojito!!!! Lately, I've been getting some requests from friends to mix them a Mojito. For the uninitiated, a Mojito is a rum based, fruity, and sweet concoction which is believed to have its roots from Cuba. (Feel free to correct me if I got it wrong) It is a refreshing drink with little or no hint of the alcohol at all. This is made so by the lime and mint leaves that is in the drink. I will share to all of you how to make a Mojito but I'm going to go over the edge and reintroduce our version of the Mojito~MIXMERIZED style.


1.0 oz Club Soda or Sprite
1.0 Lime wedge
1.0 sprig Mint
1.5 oz. Light Rum
1.0 oz Sugar water (equal parts of water and sugar, heated, cooled)
0.5 honey
1.0 salt


1. Put sugar water in rock glass.
2.Throw in the mint leaves, and squeeze the juice from the lime and mint. Using a muddler/pestle or wooden spoon, muddle these ingredients until the resulting syrupy mixture is a pale green color.
3. Pour in rum, then fill glass with ice.
4. Top off with club soda or sprite.

The first 4 steps is how a traditional Mojito is made. Our version includes adding in a touch of honey and rimming the glass with a little salt. Try it and enjoy!!!

here's another variation of the Mojito by

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